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Equiem Return to Workplace Solutions

For the last two months, we have interviewed landlords, worked closely with our partners, and surveyed our end-users, a community of 175,000 occupiers across the US, UK, and Australia - on the impacts of COVID-19 on their work environment, productivity, and plans to return to work.

From those learnings and insights, we have developed this comprehensive, adaptable set of solutions to support landlords in returning tenants safely.

Our RTW solution includes:
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COVID-19 Communications Starter Pack

With offices shut down, keeping a community of remote workers supported during COVID-19 is challenging. We’ve put together a starter set of content templates to help landlords and property managers rapidly produce essential comms during this period.

This starter pack is pulled from our larger Remote by Equiem library and includes pre-written articles that are easily editable, tailored to your building or community, then published via your Equiem App or any communications channel.

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Equiem 2019 Year in Review

70+ new buildings, 51,000+ new users, 11 new cities, a whole suite of new products, and our biggest capital raise ever. 2019 was our busiest and most exciting year yet. Check out all our key results, achievements, case studies and milestones in Equiem’s 2019 Year In Review.

Key results and case studies across our business
Our top campaigns and building launches
New clients and Equiem-powered buildings
Latest tech updates and a sneak peek of what’s coming
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2019 Global Tenant Report

The first edition of Equiem's Global Tenant Report is here. Collating feedback from over 2,000 office workers across the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia, discover critical insights into the changing expectations of commercial tenants in 2019.

Why the average workplace no longer makes the cut for over 94% of office workers
How the growing influence of the Millennial generation is impacting where tenants choose to locate their businesses
Why convenience actually trumps community on the worker wishlist
Which services and amenities truly satisfy tenants
And why data and analytics is key to the success of any tenant engagement strategy
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7 Reasons To Launch A Tenant Experience App

In the last five years, tenant experience platforms have become the essential new weapon for commercial landlords to differentiate their assets and elevate their tenant offering. Find out why this technology has taken the industry by storm as we explore the seven key benefits of tenant experience platforms like Equiem.

1. Introduction: A new era of workplace expectations
2. The rising importance of customer experience
3. Engage directly with your entire building population
4. Create an attractive coworking environment
5. Improve your building without a redevelopment or renovation
6. Understand tenants using data and insights
7. Unlock new revenue and gain greater ROI
8. Lease space faster and build new tenant relationships
9. Unite occupants around community and environmental projects
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Rialto: Transforming a Melbourne Icon Into the Pinnacle of Tenant Experience

The owners of the 25-year-old Rialto came to us with a list of challenges. They were facing rising competition from newer buildings - and were looking for new and innovative ways to attract new tenants and keep current ones happy. Specifically, they wanted to better understand who their tenants were, their exact needs, to improve communication, connect their entire community (tenants, retailers, management) and offer services / amenities to ultimately improve tenant stickiness.

Read on to find out how we tackled Rialto's challenges and built a flourishing community that now sits on the pinnacle of what's possible with tenant experience technology.

Today 95% of Rialto is on their Equiem Platform, with over 3800+ users and 70%+ actively using it
Discover how we attacked each of Rialto's challenges and with a tailored tenant experience solution
Find out how Equiem has dramatically boosted tenant satisfaction and revenue generation for retailers
Read testimonials from Rialto's management, retailers and tenants about their experience with Equiem
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The Power of Data and Analytics in Tenant Experience

Equiem's VP of Marketing, David Chiapoco, discusses the emerging power of data and analytics in driving key property management decisions in commercial real estate - specifically tenant experience and engagement. And how data is now helping Equiem clients unlock revenue, increase efficiencies, ROI and tenant satisfaction.

1. Why is data important in commercial real estate?
2. How do you start gathering data on your tenants?
3. How do you analyse and understand all that data?
4. Case studies of how landlords are using data today to improve their tenant experience
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