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We find ourselves in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic and a period of immense concern, difficulty, and tragedy for many. First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected at this time.

Turning to our own industry, we are currently working through the greatest global office space “experiment” the global property market has ever seen. Companies are being forced to adopt entirely new ways of working and managing their staff, without any precedent to guide them. Individuals are battling the isolation, frustration and monotony of working from home. Landlords are having to completely rethink the service they provide and the way they now engage with their tenants. Retailers are suffering from a substantial drop-off in footfall, demand and sales.

As the global leader in tenant experience technology, we have a unique vantage point of the impact COVID-19 is having on the global workplace. In response, we have been working around-the-clock to shape our technology and services to help our clients, users and partners meet the new challenges they now face.

The result is the launch of Remote by Equiem.


Equiem's Global Office Tenant Report 2020

Over 60% of occupiers say they won't return to the office until it ‘feels safe’ - discover what they need to feel secure, plus many other timely insights for landlords in the largest survey of our 175,000 users to date.

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Give your tenants exclusive services and unforgettable experiences

Fitness classes, seminars, pop-ups, and more: we’ll help you create a tenant experience strategy tailored only to your tenants. Bring this strategy to life using the Equiem app, online and offline, every day. You can't have a community without a touch of special, after all.

Fitness Classes
Massage Pop-Ups
Food Trucks
Lunch & Learn Events
Community Drinks
Sports Viewing Lounges
Charity Drives

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