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EasyRFP by Equiem

With EasyRFP, you can build your ideal tenant experience platform from a wide range of available features and technologies.

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Equiem Ultimate Guide to Tenant Experience

The ultimate guide to choosing and launching a tenant experience platform - what it is, why it’s important, how to choose the right one – and much more.

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Equiem 2020 Annual Report

Our US portfolio doubled, we announced new partnerships with British Land and Lendlease, and generated unprecedented engagement stats - 1.9 million content views, 60% active usage rate, and 31 million total data points.

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Global Office Tenant Report 2020

During April and May of 2020, we conducted a survey of our community of 175,000+ occupiers belonging to 9,000+ companies in the US, UK, Ireland and Australia to build a comprehensive outline of occupier sentiments.

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The Power of Data and Analytics in Tenant Experience

Equiem's VP of Marketing, David Chiapoco, discusses the emerging power of data and analytics in driving key property management decisions in commercial real estate.

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Rialto: Transforming a Melbourne Icon Into the Pinnacle of Tenant Experience

Read on to find out how we tackled Rialto's challenges and built a flourishing community that now sits on the pinnacle of what's possible with tenant experience technology.

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Equiem Return to Workplace Solutions

A end-to-end, adaptable solution to engage with the remote workforce, communicate to build trust and streamline building operations.

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COVID-19 Communications Starter Pack

This starter pack is pulled from our larger Remote by Equiem library and includes pre-written articles that are easily editable, tailored to your building or community, then published via your Equiem App or any communications channel.

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Equiem 2019 Year in Review

2019 was our busiest and most exciting year yet. Check out all our key results, achievements, case studies and milestones in Equiem’s 2019 Year In Review.

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2019 Global Tenant Report

The first edition of Equiem's Global Tenant Report is here. Collating feedback from over 2,000 office workers across the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia, discover critical insights into the changing expectations of commercial tenants in 2019.

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7 Reasons To Launch A Tenant Experience App

Find out why this technology has taken the industry by storm as we explore the seven key benefits of tenant experience platforms like Equiem.

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Equiem Audio Interviews (Podcasts)

Equiem Audio Interview - Episode 3 - Linda Issacson
November 28, 2019

In Episode 3, we’re thrilled to have Linda J. Isaacson, the Managing Director, Global Head of Innovation and Technology at FPL Global.

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Equiem Audio Interview - Episode 2 - Enrico Faccioli
October 31, 2019

In Episode 2 we speak to the COO of Gyana, Enrico Faccioli.

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Equiem Audio Interview - Episode 1 - Antony Slumbers
August 30, 2019

In Episode 1 of our new Equiem Audio Interview series, we talk to proptech influencer and digital strategist, Antony Slumbers

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