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Introducing Remote by Equiem

A remote work platform for landlords and companies during the COVID-19 shutdown.

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With offices shut down, keeping a community of remote workers informed, engaged and supported during COVID-19 is challenging. Remote by Equiem leverages our expertise in online engagement to streamline processes and help you deliver virtual amenities, digital services and effective communication to your community, ensuring every member is connected, productive and healthy.
Key Benefits:

“The Equiem Platform has become even more important in finding ways to connect people without physical contact. Virtual events are likely to grow in popularity as people need more stimulus, and parks and buildings become extremely quiet.”

Michael Purcell
Director at JLL, Property Management

Keep your community connected, productive and healthy.

Live-streamed Experiences 

Deliver live-streamed experiences including fitness classes, meditation sessions, cooking lessons, tutorials on new skills and virtual groups to keep your community connected and engaged.

‘Work From Home’ Resources

Access a content library populated with ready-to-go articles focused on health and wellbeing, physical and mental wellness options, tips and guides on financial management, and staying productive while working at home.

Community Engagement

Access tools to manage editorial content, weekly trivia contests, virtual book clubs and more, to build a remote community for tenants at a time when they need it the most. 

Polls, Surveys and Analytics

Track your community’s attitudes toward ‘remote work vs office work’; gain an understanding of happiness levels, pain points, and the pros and cons of the remote lifestyle.

Retailers Support

Take advantage of the platform’s e-commerce and marketing tools to share deals, offers and promotions to your community – supporting local retailers and service providers.

Delivered on Web, iOS and Android.


I love this idea! Just what we need in these difficult times. Keep up the good work!.”

Gill P

“Thanks for organising this. Adds brightness to the lockdown situation.” 

Harlan P

“Just wanted to say this is a great idea – makes working from home a bit more interesting!

Hannah R

“Thanks for having something good in a weird time.

Jennifer T

Remote is now live, servicing buildings and companies globally.

In our first fully-digital launch of Remote in a new building, 100% of companies registered for the platform. Usage by our clients has doubled, as owners leverage the communications tools, including COVID-19 content templates.

In addition, since launching remote, we have seen:


increase in active users


increase in unique users


increase in desktop usage


increase in content readership

It is impossible to predict what the next few months will look like. The office sector is rapidly adapting to the ‘new normal’, whilst each week brings fresh challenges and difficulties. We truly believe, however, that Remote will empower companies to support their workforce with much-needed stability and support.

We are humbled to be able to serve our clients and communities during this period of uncertainty and change.


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Remote is adaptable for use by landlords and occupiers / companies