Make your workplace work for you

We've brought our tenant experience, building operations, and data analytics solutions onto a single platform to make your asset more manageable and more human.

Equiem One is a simpler way to manage and engage with your commercial property, built upon three pillars of Experience, Efficiency, and Intelligence.

The Equiem experience is one you don’t even need to think about. You feel it every day in the ease with which you interact with your building. From building and portfolio managers to individual occupants, Equiem One makes the workplace experience seamless.

  • Placemaking
  • Orientation
  • Marketplace
  • Health & Comfort

Save time, cut costs, and locate hidden opportunities as you manage your property. Control all your facility operations in Equiem One's backend – from access control and flex space to eCommerce.

  • Community Building
  • Space & Amenity Access Control
  • Facility Operation
  • Commerce
  • Safety & Security

Truly understand your tenants’ wants and needs – and how to meet them – with Equiem’s robust data and analytics capabilities. Use solid intelligence to create grounded, intentional strategies that are destined to succeed.

  • Data & Insights
  • Leasing
  • ESG
  • Systems, Devices & Sensors

Solutions that work for everyone

Equiem One's modular design is completely customisable. Whatever your role in the office ecosystem, your hub offers a tailored view highlighting the tools and information that matter most to you.

Equiem One | Workplace Manager Dashboard

Equiem One | Employees and Users Dashboard

Equiem One | Property Manager Dashboard

Equiem One | Asset Manager Dashboard

Workplace Manager

Make managing your building easy with adaptive technology to create work environments that are connected, intuitive, and engaging for all users.

Employees and Users

Enter a new, more intuitive type of workplace, where you’re connected to news, events, services, and professional support.

Property Manager

Run all your building processes through a single platform and create a place where people love to work.

Portfolio Manager

Understand the people and tenancies across your entire portfolio down to the individual user.

What's new in Equiem One:

Benefits of a Tenant App | Equiem Tenant Experience Platform
Access the whole Equiem suite through a single, streamlined hub
Benefits of a Tenant App | Equiem Tenant Experience Platform
Customisable, modular design shows you ONLY what you need to see
Benefits of a Tenant App | Equiem Tenant Experience Platform
Unique views for portfolio managers, building managers, workplace managers, employees, and more
Benefits of a Tenant App | Equiem Tenant Experience Platform
Fast and easy to monitor the performance of your content and event strategies
Benefits of a Tenant App | Equiem Tenant Experience Platform
Simple collaboration between building managers and workplace managers
Benefits of a Tenant App | Equiem Tenant Experience Platform
Users can see highlighted news, events, building info, and promotions in a single screen 

“Landlords need a singular interface that brings all the features and data together in one place, for the multiple stakeholders in an office building... and that’s what we’re delivering.''

Gabrielle McMillan
Co-founder and CEO

“After much review, it was clear that Equiem One was a superior platform that would allow us to maximize tenant engagement and provide enhanced communication, creating a true ‘win-win’ for all parties.”

Mark Ferris
Chief Operating Officer

“Equiem One’s ability to deliver property operations and tenant experience solutions through an integrated platform significantly enhances customer experience by bringing multiple functions together into a single interface.”

Sally Jones
Head of Strategy, Digital and Technology

Equiem One is live now and available for all Equiem customers.

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