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Offer flexible spaces to your tenants

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Unlock new revenue from popular or underutilised spaces and delight your tenants with enhanced amenity.

Facility management app #4

Space booking made quick and easy

One user-friendly platform to browse, book, and pay for spaces. Spaces is connected to the Equiem web and mobile apps for a seamless experience.

Search function based on room or party size, amenities, and more
Calendar, availability, and Google Maps location widget
Hourly, half-day, daily, or free rates
Order cleaning and catering
Direct contact with space host for queries
Payments by credit card or invoice

Create beautiful Spaces

The platform allows you a host of configuration options to give you full control of your offering: Site and space branding, images listings, amenities, pricing, hosts and admins, and more.

Set up your space listings with logos, images, copy, terms, and more
Advertise the amenities of spaces: Wi-Fi, coffee, kitchenette, conference facilities, and more
Plug-ins for cleaning and catering
Set up Set block-out dates based on room availability-facing ‘Admins’ for added transparency
Set prices, or offer your spaces for free
Set up team members as tenant-facing hosts
Flex Space Booking Platform for Offices | Equiem Tenant Portal
Coworking Spaces Room Booking Software | Equiem Tenant Portal

Be the perfect host

Manage bookings, payments, reporting, and other duties using the back-end system.

Set up host and admin user roles for your team
Manage, amend, or cancel bookings
Reconciliation and utilisation reporting
Block-out or remove spaces as needed
Automated email booking confirmation
Coordinate between-booking time for cleaning and room set-up

Convert underutilised areas into vibrant spaces

Do you have common areas, floors, or conference rooms going unused? Using our Spaces platform, you can transform them into multi-purpose areas to offer increased amenity and unlock new revenue.

Support tenants with space contraints due to social distancing
Open common areas up to the tenant community or the public for functions
Monetize space during tenancy vacancies
Convert floors or areas into bookable multi-purpose suites
Flexible Room Booking Software for Tenants | Equiem Tenant Portal
Flexible Space Dashboards for Commercial Landlords | Equiem Tenant Portal

Enhance your building with Spaces data

All Spaces customer touchpoints are fed through to your Analytics Dashboards, helping you to glean insights and make improvements to your building and offering.

Most frequent users
Average booking value and duration
Most and least popular spaces
Most and least popular booking times
Most common payment method
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Delight tenants, unlock new revenue, and future-proof your assets with Equiem.

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