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Make your building Covid-safe

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Keep tenants safe and secure in your buildings during an uncertain time. With real-time data, you can operate effectively and decisively with peace of mind.

“Having the people walking into our buildings feel safe is key for us.

The Equiem platform helps tremendously as it provides a channel for communication and transparency. We’re able to circulate key information to all tenants - such as re-entry guidelines and security updates; send notifications; display air quality and density information directly on their phones. All of this contributes to creating a feeling of safety and security.”

Chris Rising

Christopher Rising
Co-founder and CEO


Transform your building into a Smart building.

With Smart sensors in place, you can start viewing real-time information about your building right away.

Building Occupancy Tracking Software for Commercial Real Estate | Equiem Tenant Portal
Accurate, hyperlocal data via uninvasive sensors
View building occupancy, lobby traffic, air quality, and more
Easy-to-use, fully customisable dashboards
Go beyond safety – use the data to improve all building operations
Go from individual desk view to entire building and even portfolio snapshot
Share key feeds with tenants for added peace of mind

Make your building Smart-ready with a complete hardware and software solution.

Based on your needs, we’ll supply and install silent, uninvasive sensors in your building. Paired with our  Smart dashboards, you have everything you need.

Design your own Smart sensor network
Cover lobbies, common areas, tenancies, and more
Accurate, granular data localised to specific sensors
Measure traffic, density, air quality, or any combination
Indoor Air Quality Tracking Software | Equiem Tenant Portal
IoT Software for Commercial Real Estate | Equiem Tenant Portal

Customisable dashboards to deliver insights and help you make decisions quickly.

The moment your sensors start gathering data, you can view the incoming feed and use it to make decisions for your tenant community. No more guesswork.

Customise your dashboard feed to suit you and your team
Real-time information, updated every 60 seconds
Get automated notifications when thresholds are exceeded
Share key dashboards or information feeds with your tenants

Smart is versatile and works at your scale.

Manage single buildings, multiple buildings, or your entire portfolio from a single interface. Empower building management teams to monitor and execute on the ground.

Change views easily from floors to buildings to portfolio-level
Configure thresholds, dashboards, and notifications for specific sites
Export data feeds into editable documents for reporting
Chart trends over time and see the effect of changes or improvements
Commercial Office Floor IoT Integration | Equiem Tenant Portal
Smart Building Dashboards | Equiem Tenant Portal

Go beyond safety – use Smart to evolve building operations

Lobby traffic, building occupancy, and air quality are just some of the measurable parameters. But the data you’ll uncover could help you optimise your building in other ways.

Introduce staggered entry and exit procedures from buildings and tenancies
Make informed decisions around downsizing, refurbing, or reallocating underutilized spaces
Make informed decisions around commercialisation of space – advertising, pop-ups, and more
Anticipate isolated disruptions with area closures and notify tenants well ahead of time

No more guesswork. With Smart, you’re always backed by usable data.

Building occupancy
  • How many people are in the building total?
  • How many people are in each tenancy?
  • Which elevators are most popular?
  • How many people are in common areas?
  • What is the typical usage of common areas on specific days?
  • How can we better promote underutilised exits?ple are in the building total?
Lobby traffic
  • How many people are in the lobby total?
  • How many people use the lobby each day?
  • Which entrances and exits are most/least often used?
  • Are there any traffic choke points?
  • Where do people in the lobby usually go?
  • How can we optimise the lobby pathways to minimise foot traffic?
Air quality
  • How good is the air quality in my building?
  • How does the air quality change over time?
  • How good is the air quality in specific tenancies?
  • How good is the air quality in the elevators?
  • Which tenancies have the most issues with air quality, and why?
  • How often do we drop below our air quality thresholds?
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