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Offer full-featured e-commerce with Marketplace

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Delight tenants, empower vendors, and unlock new revenue – all with one integrated app.

End-to-end tenant experience

The Store is designed to make life easier for you – and help your customers do more, in less time, with greater ease.

Deliver food and beverages, fitness classes, locker subscriptions, and other products and services
Simple browser-based Retail Management software empowers your retailers to unlock new revenue
Instant, secure payments, and no up-front costs
Enables safe, contactless delivery
First-class browse-to-checkout journey and easy reordering of favorite items
Capture data from all user and retailer touchpoints to optimise your wider retail offering
Office Building Calendar Booking System | Equiem Tenant Portal
End-to-end tenant experience

Everything tenants want and need – delivered fast

From browsing to checkout, everyday purchasing is easy and enjoyable – the way e-commerce is meant to be.

Browse through custom categories
Search function to instantly locate retailers, products and services
Easy booking system for events, fitness classes, tours, flu shots, and more
Subscription service for lockers, coffee deliveries, care packages, and more
Access to exclusive promotions and discounts
Control over delivery methods (e.g. click & collect, desk delivery)

Flawless buyer journey with total peace of mind

At every step of the buyer journey, customers will have all the information they need. Equiem e-commerce also features state-of-the-art security measures, so daily purchases are completely protected.

Simple reordering of favourites
Order updates and automated push notifications
Order status tracking
Discover trends and forecasts
Simple credit card/payment setup
Office Building Food and Beverage Software Solutions | Equiem Tenant Portal

Users can track their orders at every step of the process – from confirmation of order, to completion, to delivery.


Equiem’s e-commerce platform – and the Retail Manager – empowers retailers. Simple setup, instant payments, no up-front costs, total control.

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Marketplace Software Solution for Commercial Real Estate | Equiem Tenant Portal

The complete vendor service solution

Equiem e-commerce also includes a complete Store Manager, which means vendors can service themselves and streamline operations automatically.

Self sign-up and management
Instant payments via Stripe Connect
Full order provisioning, and the ability to accept or reject orders
Assistance with inventory management
Email and SMS notifications
Equiem technical support

Complete control over menus, catalogues, and more

The Retail Manager is designed to be flexible. Elevate your tenant experience with custom menus, offerings, specials and more – all coordinated within one browser-based application.

Complete control of catalogue and stock
Intuitive menu editor
Adjustable turnaround times
Automated promotional timing
Order adjustments (+/-)
Coordinate specials and limited-time offers
Smart Concierge Software Solution for Commercial Real Estate | Equiem Tenant Portal

More data, more insights, more revenue.

With our integrated analytics – provided to you and directly to retailers – you can uncover insights to help you manage smarter, and find new ways to delight your tenants.

Delight tenants, unlock new revenue, and future-proof your assets with Equiem.

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