Touchless access control and visitor management solutions, integrated

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Equiem Access is part of our Equiem Plus product suite – upgrade your existing access control solution by integrating with our open API to deliver tenants a frictionless entry and exit experience, all within the native Equiem mobile app.


Touchless and secure access control

No more juggling cards at the reader – using only our native mobile app, your tenants can gain access to the building, their tenancy, elevators and more.

Virtual access cards stored on a dedicated tab in the Equiem app
Simply hold the phone to the reader – no need to unlock phone or access the app
Ready to integrate with your existing hardware reader infrastructure
Partners include HID, Doordeck, Proxy, Openpath, and more
End-to-end rollout and testing support in conjunction with your site system integrator
Safe and secure entry and exit

A warm, safe and simple welcome for visitors

Welcome visitors safely and easily using our Visitor Management partners. You’ll always know when people are coming and going, in real time.

Simple outside-app solution for single visitors
Self-led visitor induction and automatic notifications
Track visitors in real-time
Partners include HID, Sine, and Vicinitee

Full technical launch support

Partnering with the world’s leading access control providers means we can get your Access solution rolled out quickly. We’ll work with your site staff and system integrator every step of the way to make things even easier.

Complete site audit of reader infrastructure
Project manager and technical support
Consultation on integration solutions
Testing and rollout support

Integrate Equiem With Your Existing Building Systems For a Truly Seamless Experience

With an open API, the Equiem platform is designed for integration. The following partner applications are available to connect to your platform, depending on your needs – and custom integrations are also available.

and more...

Access is just one part of the Equiem Plus product suite. Start with Equiem Core, then layer on modules (like Access) that connect building operations and services to a single platform.

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