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Two complementary app experiences, one community

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Your Equiem Core solution includes both our web and mobile apps, so you can maximise your customer touchpoints from day one.

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Community Engagement App | Equiem Tenant Portal

Ignite your community via desktop

The Equiem web app has been the market leading solution for tenant engagement since 2011. First we’ll apply your brand and fill your platform with the content and services of your choice. Then you can keep your community engaged daily with news, events, contests and more – all using IRIS, our Content Management System.

Apply your own custom building brand – logo, colours, images, and more
Create your own sitemap filled with custom landing pages and content – and multimedia support for video and audio streams
Interact with your tenants and inspire lively conversations via the Activity Feed
Publish and coordinate news and events using dedicated pages and the homepage Feature Wall
Use desktop to promote products which users prefer to use via desktop, like Spaces

Engage your tenants anywhere, anytime

Our native iOS and Android app is a crucial counterpart to the web app, enabling users the freedom to engage with their community from anywhere. The mobile user interface complements the web app while offering additional features crucial to users on-the-go.

Dedicated tabs for Home, News & Events, Store, Building Info
Fully-fledged store – purchase food and drink, dry cleaning, fitness classes, locker subscriptions and more
Apply your own custom building brand – logo, colours, images, and more
Integrate with access control providers for touchless entry
Search function to make finding content, products and offers simple
Coworking Spaces Software | Equiem Tenant Portal
Commercial Landlord Tenant Communication App | Equiem Tenant Portal

Unify the two platforms with a consistent experience

While the web and mobile apps showcase features best suited to their formats, they are always united by look, feel, content, and of course, your brand.

Building or portfolio logos carried across both platforms
Publish and coordinate news and events across web and app simultaneously
Keep information pages and static content consistent
Offer personalised messages and show your brand voice
Consistent colour schemes

Our mobile and web apps are just one part of the Equiem Core product suite.

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From there, broaden your data and learning potential by layering on Plus modules:

Smart by Equiem: Measure building occupancy to learn when your tenants are in the building, when they’re coming and going, and more

Marketplace: Learn what your tenants are purchasing, what products they favour, and work with onsite retailers to tailor special offers and promotions

Spaces booking: Find out which spaces are most popular with tenants, and how existing common areas or underutilised spaces can be repurposed and commercialised

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Delight tenants, unlock new revenue, and future-proof your assets with Equiem.

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