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Leasing Analytics to empower your tenant retention strategy

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Inform leasing strategies and retain tenants with the market’s first Leasing Dashboards, designed specifically for building management and leasing teams.

“The answer is data.

Equiem has helped us understand who is using our amenities, who goes, who cares. When we go to renew with a tenant, we want to understand what they’re doing, what they like, what they don’t like. By having not only a place where we can advertise events, but where we can see participation in them, that's huge. And I think we’re only just now scratching the surface of what that data will do for us.”

Keren Eichen
Director, Real Estate Services

Intelligent Commercial Real Estate Data | Equiem Tenant Portal

Build renewal strategies for each tenant

Our Leasing Dashboards empower leasing teams with valuable, actionable, and personalised information on all tenants in the building. What was unknown before is now clearly shown through the daily capture of customer actions.

‘Lease Expiry’ table clearly shows the order of tenant renewals
‘Tenant activity’ feeds show customer interactions by tenancy
Automatic distilation of daily customer touchpoints across Equiem products
Cross-reference with poll results to understand tenant sentiment
Target specific tenancies with re-engagement campaigns based on past behaviours

Identify risks and prioritise engagement

Maybe you’re not sure which of your tenants are happy with their building. Some want more events, others want new facilities. With these feeds, you’ll see where your efforts should be targeted.

Identify at-risk tenancies for re-engagement campaigns
Streamline operations by dedicating resources to high-risk situations
Make informed decisions on building improvements and changes to engagement strategies
Monitor incoming or mid-term tenants for behavioural trends
Proptech Analytics Solutions | Equiem Tenant Portal
Proptech Data and Analytics Software | Equiem Tenant Portal

Deploy and test your findings straight away

Once you’ve identified your target tenants and devised a plan of attack, you can use the Equiem platform straight away to deliver personalised tenant engagement. Then, when the time comes for renewal discussions, you can showcase a track record of tailored, first-class service.

Use content Segmentation to deliver tenant-personalised content
Offer products, services, events and more to specific tenancies
Create new products, services and content
Deploy polls and surveys to track reactions to changes
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Your Leasing Dashboards are a new part of your Analytics Dashboards solution – all yours as part of Equiem Core. Layer on additional Plus modules to broaden your tenant understanding.
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From there, broaden your data and learning potential by layering on Plus modules:

Smart by Equiem: Measure building occupancy to learn when your tenants are in the building, when they’re coming and going, and more

Marketplace: Learn what your tenants are purchasing, what products they favour, and work with onsite retailers to tailor special offers and promotions

Spaces booking: Find out which spaces are most popular with tenants, and how existing common areas or underutilised spaces can be repurposed and commercialised

Delight tenants, unlock new revenue, and future-proof your assets with Equiem.

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