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Communicate with all tenants, across your portfolio, remotely or in-building

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Your Equiem Core solution equips you and your team with all the tools and resources you need to communicate with your tenants from day one.

Community engagement app #2 Landlord Management Software | Equiem Tenant Portal

Enliven your community with news, articles and more

Communication is crucial to the success of your tenant engagement strategy. Create and publish news, events, editorial articles, building updates and more across single buildings or your whole portfolio – and to both our web and native mobile apps.

Create news, events, and building information posts
Invite users to like, comment, and interact with each other on posts
Add images, videos, audio streams, and more
Endless applications: create enriching editorial articles, memos, building updates, emergency notifications, and more
Promote your content through special ‘Featured’ feeds on web and app, as well as newsletters
Get started with our library of essential templates, designed by expert copywriters

Create, schedule, publish and promote with just one platform

IRIS will do the hard work so you can focus on your tenants. One CMS to create, schedule, publish, all according to the workflows you and your team prefer.

Publish content on-the-spot or schedule in advance, as needed
Set up multi-post campaigns
Segment content to audience groups of your choosing
Publish content across one building, a group of buildings, or your entire portfolio
Supports team workflows with per-user permissions
Set tasks and comments for your team and assign posts
Create newsletters and notifications to promote your content
Community engagement app #3 Office Community Engagement App | Equiem Tenant Portal
Office Community Engagement App | Equiem Tenant Portal

Send newsletters and notifications

Stoke community engagement daily and weekly with custom EDMs, filled with the content most important to your tenants. And if you need to get something out in an instant, use the SMS notification feature.

Fill newsletters with news, events, updates, and more
Simple EDM creation and scheduling interface
View EDM results (e.g. open and click-through rates) on-the-spot, or via your Analytics Dashboards
Custom newsletter banners to showcase your brand
Send custom SMS notifications to tenants
Preview newsletters and notifications before sending

Tailor special content to audiences of your choosing

Segmentation enables you to create your own audience groups and offer tailored content to those groups. Simply set up your segments within the Management Console, then use IRIS to prepare the content.

Create a virtually endless list of user segments by building, level, area, company, user attributes and roles
Segment news and event posts, newsletters, quick links, push notifications, and more
Reward highly-engaged customers or re-engage absent customers/tenancies
Endless applications – welcome new tenants, invite certain tenants to functions or events, and more
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Getting started is easy

Good tenant engagement is a big undertaking – but from strategy to platform build and ongoing content support, we’ll help you every step of the way.

Training, onboarding, and account management
Content templates to get you started
Technical support from a dedicated team
Consultation and support with branding, content and engagement strategies, and more

Improve your content strategy with actionable insights

Learn what your tenants are reading, commenting on, liking and sharing – today, this week, this month, past and present. All customer interactions are fed through to our Analytics Dashboards, also yours as part of Equiem Core.

Analyse popular content pieces to find recurring themes
Discover popular categories and publishing times
Comments and likes (per post and total)
Assess traffic to and from the platform – weekly newsletters, notifications, and more
Property management analytics #3 Analytics Platform for Property Managers | Equiem Tenant Portal
Trusted experience platform #1 Top Property Management Software | Equiem Tenant Portal

Learn what your tenants do and like

Your platform is alive with activity: Find out how the community is interacting with it. And, thanks to our recent upgrade, you can even view responses to polls and plan actions right away.

Event data – RSVPs and check-ins
Page views, app tab views, and more
User interaction (by session, date and time) and activity trends
Usage across the desktop and web apps, as well as other platforms like IRIS and Spaces
Poll results delivered for easy action
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Our Communication tools are just one part of the Equiem Core product suite.

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From there, broaden your data and learning potential by layering on Plus modules:

Smart by Equiem: Measure building occupancy to learn when your tenants are in the building, when they’re coming and going, and more

Marketplace: Learn what your tenants are purchasing, what products they favour, and work with onsite retailers to tailor special offers and promotions

Spaces booking: Find out which spaces are most popular with tenants, and how existing common areas or underutilised spaces can be repurposed and commercialised

Delight tenants, unlock new revenue, and future-proof your assets with Equiem.

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