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Manage Uncertainty, with Equiem Analytics

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We’ve upgraded our Analytics Dashboards to provide you with more of the insights you need to make informed decisions about your building and tenant community.

“The answer is data.

Equiem has helped us understand who is using our amenities, who goes, who cares. When we go to renew with a tenant, we want to understand what they’re doing, what they like, what they don’t like. By having not only a place where we can advertise events, but where we can see participation in them, that's huge. And I think we’re only just now scratching the surface of what that data will do for us.”

Keren Eichen
Director, Real Estate Services

Analytics Solution for Commercial Real Estate | Equiem Tenant Portal

What’s new in our Analytics Dashboards

Based on your feedback and the wide variety of new data touchpoints we have uncovered, we have redesigned our Dashboards product to help you manage smarter, more easily.

‘Last 30 days’ tab to keep up to date with latest data and chart short-term trends
Dedicated ‘Content’ and ‘Newsletters’ sections to help you analyse your content strategy, split-test, and more
Dedicated ‘Tenant Activity’ and ‘Tenant Comparison’ sections to better connect you with customers and inform leasing strategies
Enhanced control parameters so you can refine the depth of your dive and analysis
‘Definitions’ glossary to help you navigate your data and share it with your team
Dedicated ‘Polls’ and ‘Survey Results’ tabs – get direct responses from your own – and Equiem’s – outreach activities

Smart, comprehensive, and user-friendly

Find new ways to better manage your building and streamline operations, all while providing excellent tenant experience. There’s no limit to what you can learn from your tenants and their actions.

Choose high-level insights or dive deeper
Insights segmented across app, content, e-commerce and more
Simple control over features to include or exclude information
Export data tables for easy viewing and presentation
Property Management Tenant Data and Insights | Equiem Tenant Portal
Office Leasing Dashboard | Equiem Tenant Portal

Meet your tenants

Really get to know your people: The tenancies they belong to, how they use the app, how engaged they are, and more.

Who is in my building
Insights segmented across app, content, e-commerce and more
Analyse one site, multiple sites, or your entire portfolio
Discover trends and forecasts
Building Amenity App Analytics | Equiem Tenant Portal

Learn what your tenants do and like

Your platform is alive with activity: Find out how the community is interacting with it. And, thanks to our recent upgrade, you can now view responses to polls, surveys - and plan actions right away.

Event data – RSVPs and check-ins
Page views, app tab views, and more
User interaction (by session, date and time) and activity trends
Usage across the desktop and web apps, as well as other platforms like IRIS and Spaces
Poll results delivered for easy action

Enrich your community with better content

Learn what your tenants are reading, commenting on, liking and sharing – today, this week, this month, past and present.

Analyse popular content pieces to find recurring themes
Discover popular categories and publishing times
Comments and likes (per post and total)
Assess traffic to and from the platform – weekly newsletters, notifications, and more
Coworking Space Data and Insights | Equiem Tenant Portal
Best Property Management Analytics Solutions | Equiem Tenant Portal

Gain vital e-commerce trends

Combined with our Marketplace product, you can optimise your e-commerce strategy, empower onsite vendors, and give tenants more of what they love.

Total revenue gained (across sites and entire portfolio)
Total spend by vendor
Popular services and order times
Number of orders, average user spend, and more
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Smart, comprehensive, and user-friendly


Data securely hosted using enterprise-grade encryption.

GDPR compliant

Equiem has completed the due diligence to ensure all our practices and data policies adhere to GDPR.

Anonymous data

Keep individual data secure with enterprise-level encryption and compliance practices.

Our Analytics Dashboards are just one part of the Equiem Core product suite.

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From there, broaden your data and learning potential by layering on Plus modules:

Smart by Equiem: Measure building occupancy to learn when your tenants are in the building, when they’re coming and going, and more

Marketplace: Learn what your tenants are purchasing, what products they favour, and work with onsite retailers to tailor special offers and promotions

Spaces booking: Find out which spaces are most popular with tenants, and how existing common areas or underutilised spaces can be repurposed and commercialised

Delight tenants, unlock new revenue, and future-proof your assets with Equiem.

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