Equiem Engage: 
Build the community your tenants won’t want to leave

Customer experience is today’s great differentiator in real estate. Equiem Engage enables your building to stand above the competition and be the most sought after address in town.

Equiem Engage is our proven "customer experience-as-a-service” platform for tenant engagement in real estate.

It enables you to offer a suite of content, services and events, tailored and exclusive to your tenants, elevating the day-to-day experience of your building.

From the moment they move in, curate an enviable customer experience with a truly unique engagement program. Designed to attract new tenants and keep them there, your engagement program is flexible and completely customisable.

Give your building an upgrade. No scaffolding necessary.

Provide access to brand new services and experiences that keep your community engaged and coming back for more.

Tailored to your property and your customer’s preferences

Equiem Engage is customised to each property’s unique features, and continually updated to reflect your community’s changing needs.

Integrated with Equiem Portal and Equiem Onsite

Each building’s Engage program is executed through your Portal and by your Onsite staff - ensuring your customers have a seamless, fully integrated experience across the online and offline components of your Equiem Platform.

Executed by a team of experts

Each of our Engage Programs is executed by a dedicated team of expert content writers, event managers, designers, and project managers.

Core Programs

Executed via content (articles), events, competitions, activations and more, the core programs below form the foundation for each of Engage Program.

My Building

Drive awareness and usage of your building’s amenities and facilities


Promote the surrounding precinct and city


Drive awareness of your building’s sustainability features and initiatives.


Help retail tenants and service partners increase revenue through your Portal’s online store


Provide exclusive deals and benefits to your occupants from a curated list of partners

Data Capture

Draw insights from your building’s community, creating exclusive and differentiated engagement

Premium Programs

After completing your data capture and learning more about your customers’ specific preferences and needs, you can then further enhance your occupier experience with these premium programs.

Art & Leisure

Bring the best cultural events and partners straight into your building

Food & Wine

A full program of world-class food & wine experiences exclusive to your occupants

Health & Wellbeing

Offer health checks, yoga classes, lunch & learns, meditation, and more


Content, events, seminars, lunch & learns, conferences targeted for busy executives

Social & Networking

Foster connections and a sense of community through social and professional events


Celebrate diversity and empower individuals

Sport & Leisure

Unite your building through major sporting events and activity-related content

Tailor the experience further with targeted experiences

Influencer Programs

Target key influencers of the building community with functional content that provides utility and convenience

Launching 2018

Inspire Programs

Personalised content, exclusive events, offers and services that engage, empower and inspire your tenants

Launching 2018

Equiem Engage powers the customer experience for these leading property owners and managers

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