Make your tenants feel welcome, everyday.

Want to bring your building to life? You need our complete tenant engagement toolkit, containing everything you need to generate online and offline engagement. And for added assistance, you can enlist the help of our Content and Engagement experts.

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World-class digital content to engage your tenants.

Equiem makes tenant engagement easy with a complete suite of editorial articles, editable templates and toolkits to help you produce and share quality content, fast.


Expert-written theme-based content designed to inspire, entertain, and inform.


Pre-written content easily editable to the needs of your building and tenants.


All the tools, resources, and proven know-how you need to produce an engagement strategy.

Partner Network

Benefit from access to Equiem’s vast network of partners, and provide exclusive deals, discounts, and content.


Deliver high-quality, valuable content quickly and easily

Produce content timely and relevant both to individual tenants and entire communities, using a fraction of the time and resources needed by full-scale teams. Our market-leading toolkit makes engaging content simple.

Content Templates

Take your building online with our growing library of 150+ templated evergreen articles you (or we) can easily modify according to your needs.

Weekly Editorial Feed

Keep your newsfeed fresh with exclusive articles written by our team based on relevant, topical workplace and lifestyle themes.

Engagement Toolkit

A custom playbook of proven campaigns, seasonal activations,
event checklists, sample content schedules, and more.

Polls & Survey Templates

Access our library of editable polls and surveys, and find out more about your tenants demographics, wants and needs.


Provide a wide range of content and services via the Equiem Partner Network

Offer your community exclusive deals, products, and services from our growing network of partners, including:


Today's tenants want services, amenities and experiences

We will help you deliver a curated plan using our expertise in community engagement, an analysis of your customer preferences, and our extensive partner network.

We will curate a program to fit your annual budget, manage the spend with our selection of partners – or your tenants, if preferred – and help you execute.

Seasonal activations
scaled to your budget and designed to engage your community.


A monthly mix of
events and activities to surprise and delightyour tenants.


Regular experiences
and ongoing services curated to create a one-of-a-kind workplace.


Delight your community with exclusive events, activations and on-demand services

Fitness Classes

Foster workplace wellness through a variety of classes including boxing, yoga, pilates, meditation, and more.

Stress Relief

Meditation classes, massages, and mindfulness workshops delivered by world-class practitioners.

Meals & Snacks

Coffee, lunch, dinner, snacks, catering, office pantries and more – delivered straight to your tenants.

Suit Fitting & Onsite Tailoring

Custom fittings and exclusive deals on high-end apparel – suits, ties, blazers, shirts and more.

Wine, Beer & Spirit Tastings

Expert guided tastings of delicious wines, beers and spirits from around the world.

Manicures & Pedicures

Luxurious in-office manicures and pedicures performed by certified nail technicians.

Travel Seminars

Tips and tricks from travel experts to help your tenants get the most out of corporate and personal travel.

Corporate Events

A curated list of hands-on experiences, and activities provided by specialists who come to your building.


Better understand your tenants' needs

Your experienced Equiem account manager will work with you to capture insights on your tenants, and will provide analysis of your tenant data, along with recommendations tied to your strategy.

Custom polls
Custom surveys
Behavioural & content analysis
Data capture campaigns
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Delight tenants, unlock new revenue, and future-proof your assets with Equiem.

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