Free webinar playback: How different regions of the world are preparing for the future of work

Equiem in partnership with Commercial Observer | May 18, 2021

Landlords around the globe are solving the same key problems: reopening the office safely, understanding new tenant needs, and differentiating their assets.

On Tuesday May 18, 2021, Equiem was joined by experts Sally Jones (British Land, UK) and Chris Rising (Rising Realty Partners, US), to discuss how major landlords in Australia, the US and UK are tackling these issues in their respective regions. They delved into the ways in which data, amenities and various technology platforms are reshaping the workplace experience.

In this webinar session recording, you'll learn how these global leaders are utilising technology to plan for the future of the office; how Australian landlords have successfully reopened office buildings as the country returns to normalcy; how smart building solutions can add a new value proposition to the workplace; and much more.

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''Having the people walking into our buildings feel safe is key for us.

The Equiem platform helps tremendously as it provides a channel for communication and transparency. We’re able to circulate key information to all tenants - such as re-entry guidelines and security updates; send notifications; display air quality and density information directly on their phones. All of this contributes to creating a feeling of safety and security.

Christopher Rising
Co-founder and CEO

Important in finding ways to connect people

''The Equiem platform has become even more important in finding ways to connect people without physical contact. These types of events are likely to develop fast as people will need more stimulus as parks and buildings become extremely quiet.''

Michael Purcell
Director at JLL
Property Management

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