The CRE landlord’s guide to tenant app analytics [eBook]

Track and measure the right data to enhance your assets, improve tenant relationships, and build leasing strategies.

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By knowing which data to monitor and use, CRE landlords and property managers can make informed decisions about improvements to their assets and tenant services. With this guide, you can reliably track the behaviours, habits, and sentiments of customers, even as they work remotely. And, even more critically, you can build robust lease renewal strategies tailored to individual tenants.

“Now, more than ever, CRE companies need to capture and analyze high-frequency data to create a meaningful tenant experience,” writes Deloitte in its 2021 Commercial Real Estate Outlook. “This could include data around how tenants use different amenities, and/or engagement and performance levels.”

Together, we can take on the future of hybrid working backed by actionable insights.

You will learn: