Global Office Tenant Report 2021

Future of work edition

Proptech solutions that prioritize safety, convenience, and flexibility are critical to the next-generation workplace. Touchless access control (54.1%), Indoor Air Quality systems (37.8%), and flex space options (37.1%) are among the highest-rated features desired by our base of global occupiers.

Hosted on Equiem’s market-leading tenant experience platform, this annual report provides critical insights that will help commercial landlords create their visions for the workplace of the future. It examines the changing landscape of customer service in CRE, the differing wants and needs of customers in Equiem’s three regions, and how technology has impacted the lives of hybrid-working occupiers over the last 18 months. 

Find out why tenant experience technology is more important than ever in connecting with, and enriching the lives of, isolated and overworked occupiers.

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Highlights of the report:

Landlord Guide to the Future of Work | Equiem Global Office Tenant Report 2021
Data on Office Tenants Working Remotely for Landlords | Equiem Global Office Tenant Report 2021