Equiem's Return to Workplace Solution

Retain your tenants and return them safely to your building - with our Return to Workplace Solution.

with your remote workforce with virtual events, digital content, polls, surveys and a HR support corner.

Build trust and confidence with tenants that your building is a safe environment with interactive re-entry guides, a communications toolkit and 'Smart' dashboards that report on lobby traffic, building occupancy, air quality and more.

Adapt operations to the 'new normal' by providing controlled building access, touchless door, turnstile, elevator access and visitor management, touchless retail, amenity reservations, a virtual concierge and more.

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''Having the people walking into our buildings feel safe is key for us. The Equiem platform helps tremendously as it provides a channel for communication and transparency. We’re able to circulate key information to all tenants - such as re-entry guidelines and security updates; send notifications; display air quality and density information directly on their phones. All of this contributes to creating a feeling of safety and security."

Chris Rising

Christopher Rising
Co-founder and CEO

Retain your tenants and return them safely to your building - with interactive re-entry guides, sensor-powered occupancy tracking, touchless entry/elevator access and more.

“With Equiem we have been fortunate to have the ability to communicate with all of our tenants, on or off-property - which has been a godsend during these uncertain times. And this is just the start, as we are planning to utilize its impressive capabilities in communicating our return to work plans, smoothing the transition, welcoming our tenants back to their buildings."

Jimmy Parker
Director of Culture Initiative
Stockdale Capital Partners, LLC


Retain your tenants and return them safely

Discover Equiem's Return to Workplace Solutions