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Community Engagement Report

At Equiem, we pride ourselves on routinely achieving engagement levels well above the industry norm. Globally, our email newsletter click rates are a whopping 14% above the average. We’ve created this report to spread what we’ve learned about engaging users with captivating content and events.

Your Engage with Equiem Community Report includes:

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Foster your community

Engagement is the key to creating community within your buildings. A tenant experience platform like Equiem can drive users to engage online and offline. With the right content and event strategies, you can attract users to your physical site while ensuring that users working remotely continue to feel part of the same community.

In this report you’ll find:

  • Trends in content and events that drive engagement
  • Detailed breakdown of global engagement data
  • Testimonials directly from clients and users
  • Poll and survey results


“Equiem has proven their prowess in creating unique experiences for buildings all over the world. Their local content engine is beautifully organized and deployed, their mobile application is elegant and easy to use and their vision is well aligned with LPC’s as it looks to the future of office.”

Michael Purcell

Eric Roseman
Vice President
Lincoln Property Company

“For office to survive in a post-COVID pandemic world, people have to feel safe. The way you feel safe is you communicate. You over-communicate. Equiem is one of the few out there that can provide that. We looked long and hard, and we spent money, and we've lost money on platforms that haven't worked in the past. We are firmly committed to Equiem because they are proven and we know they deliver.”

Chris Rising

Christopher Rising
Co-founder and CEO