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The age of immediacy: how to make things happen quicker for your tenants

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January 11, 2018

Last year, it was found that a 2-second delay in page load time on e-commerce sites could increase abandoned cart numbers by up to 20%.

Two seconds isn’t a lot of time. In fact, a couple of years ago, two seconds may have been lauded with praise in the website speed world. But today, humans are said to boast attention spans of only 8 seconds – less than that of a goldfish.

So, forget the Holocene Epoch, the Phanerozoic Eon, the Quaternary Period or the Cenozoic Era – we’re living in an age far more prevalent (and far easier to spell): the Age of Immediacy.  

Have your cake and eat it (now)

Thanks to the increased efficiency enabled by technological innovation, the modern world has begun to expect results immediately. When live-streaming arrived, we no longer had to wait to engage in the excitement of an event. As Uber Eats grew, waiting in queues was no longer necessary.

As WiFi speeds increased up to 21% in some parts of the world, messaging was instant.

Then, operating systems evolved and Artificial Intelligence began outsmarting our automation expectations. In their wake, patience really did become a virtue – an elusive one at that. In fact, research has shown that “79% of consumers would choose delivery via drone if that meant they could receive packages within an hour.”

What does this mean for workplace culture? Put simply, employees and tenants are no longer convinced by tedious or tenuous processes that could be done better with available property technologies and services revolutionising the market. Improving workplace culture requires implementing solutions that give the people what they want and increase productivity and satisfaction across the board – now:

1. Time is money: save it with concierge services

There’s a reason business is almost the same word as busyness. Office hours are often busy, roads are busy, and busy people don’t have time to wait in queues for their coffee, take time off to collect their dry cleaning or wait for guests to arrive. Luckily, a concierge service is a solution.

Having onsite teams to help tick off employees’ cumbersome to-do lists with immediate support helps staff get back to their actual jobs, boosting efficiency and productivity tenfold. Equiem has a team stationed at each of our buildings, integrated with the online portal, so that tenants can:

  • order coffees and lunch with direct delivery to their desks (no drones needed)
  • have parcels and shopping sent to their offices
  • make use of the community manager as a point of contact for welcoming guests and booking building spaces
  • have dry cleaning picked up and dropped off by the concierge team…

…and more. No waiting around or wasted time included.

2. Delayed feedback is futile

One major setback of legacy buildings and traditional siloed office environments is the disastrously slow pace at which comments, queries and concerns get back to the people who need to hear them most. Landlords often work off-site, leaving tenants and employees with a hard time having their voices heard with any immediate effect.

With innovative messaging and cloud-based property management technologies, tenants and employees can connect with authorities with ease, reaching out and hearing back without enormous interims. This helps teams to feel like their needs are being heard, and enables them can implement beneficiary changes quickly. Intranet-like portals also keep everyone connected, collaborating and working together for the greater good of the company – at the click of a button.

3.  Collaboration: changing workplace culture (together)

Slow-moving progress is still progress. But when businesses or employees can band together, innovate and collaborate with ease and speed, we can get so much more done.

Gone are the days of spending hours in tedious networking events or trying to organise meetings with paper piles the height of our buildings.

Collaboration can happen in many ways, whether online or in person. Using property technologies and collaboration software, new ideas can be tested while they’re still relevant, companies can stay ahead of the curve, and employees can begin to incite influential change without having to trawl through tedious scheduled meetings beforehand.

Using tech for break-neck speeds

Equiem not only enables tenants to network, reach out and form connections with people right in their own building, but also enables myriad activations and opportunities for face-to-face connection with the wider community.

The technology is streamlined, the admin is undertaken by the Equiem staff, and detailed data analysis is done through the portal to enable tenants to find out what their people really want. This way, tenants aren’t wasting time with irrelevant content, or dragging themselves along to events that could be spent elsewhere more productive.

Keeping people connected, transparent and not over-committed are the best ways to foster a collaborative, productive and efficient workplace culture – one that allows people to get what they need, and fast.

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