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Taking to the global stage at MIPIM 2018

Equiem Marketing
January 11, 2018

MIPIM is the largest property event in the world attracting over 20,000 delegates to beautiful Cannes for a week of industry panels, keynote presentations, innovative competitions and unlimited networking. Following Equiem’s debut onto the global stage in 2017, we sent our best along for the ride ready to represent Equiem and share with the world what makes our platform and team so unique.

As well as sponsoring the event and holding a booth located within the “Innovation Forum”, our team were invited to present on two speciality panels and deliver an exclusive keynote. 

Co-presenting with our partner Mike Thornton from Knight Frank UK, Adam Malik (Head of Business Development - UK) lead our topic “Future Spaces: the latest tech and data driving customer experience”. Designed to give insight into the changing needs of property managers being driven by their occupants, the piece was received extremely well by everyone who attended and was a fantastic spark for some really high-quality introductions and conversations within the sector.


Equiem’s Laura Acklandiene (Head of Business Development - Global Expansion) was also invited to speak on two panels over the course of the event. On day one she joined Franck Lirzin of GECINA, Min Stephen of LG Electronics and Gunther Schmidt from Medici Living Group to moderate an exciting panel on Smart Housing. Then on day two, she backed up the outstanding feedback by joining, Estates Gazette’s Technology Panel alongside Aaron Block, co-founder of MetaProp NYC, and Andy Pyle of KPMG UK. As always Laura provided a broad global perspective on how PropTech is helping to change the traditionally conservative commercial property industry.   

Key Takeaways

For an individual perspective on the MIPIM 2018, we asked the entire team to share their favourite parts and key takeouts from the event.

Laura Acklandiene, Head of Business Development - Global Expansion

What was your highlight session or event at MIPIM?
The BPF Diversity Afternoon Tea - A great opportunity to discuss the challenges of diversity in property, and in particular gender diversity. By the end of the conversation, we were all thinking about workplaces that celebrated and encouraged “inclusion” and how we could get more people asking “what can we do make you feel included”.

What was the strongest discussion of the event?
The impact Proptech is creating beyond operational efficiencies and the digitalisation of old habits/processes. It will also drive completely new business models, forever changing the market.

What was your number one key learning?
When it comes to co-living and other changes in the residential market, different residents are looking for different things to address their individual concerns. For example, older generations will pay more attention to the security set up, while the younger one aims for convenience so that they could spend their energy doing what they’re passionate about.

What would you tell someone who has never been to MIPIM?
It’s a really positive event, attracting executives from the very top of their respective fields. The connections you make are incredible and it’s great to be in a fresh location.

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Adam Malik, Head of Business Development - UK

What was your highlight session or event at MIPIM?
“How Proptech and Digital Transformation can dramatically build your company’s competitive edge” - it had a star-studded panel covering Proptech, property management and VC. A lively and thought-provoking debate looking at the maturity of proptech and far it’s come even since the previous MIPIM.

What do you think were the key themes this year?
1. Tenant experience matters more so than ever before and far more opportunities to adopt technology
2. Real estate’s slow adoption of technology can be an advantage for Proptech, allowing us to learn from the mistakes of Fintech

What was your number one key learning?
There are so many interesting companies emerging, but the ones that will stand out and flourish are the ones directly impacting net operating income

What was your overall experience this year at MIPIM?
MIPIM brings together people from every aspect of Real Estate.  This year the event really focussed on Technology, making 2018 the perfect event for our team to flourish. I met with dozens of interesting people and am excited to speak with them back in London following the event.

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David Chiapoco, Head of Marketing (Global)

What was your highlight session or event at MIPIM?
This year’s Proptech Competition - it was really positive to see growing interest in our field and the calibre of companies who presented was overwhelmingly solid. We're happy to see our friends at Disruptive Technologies taking out the top prize.

What do you think were the key themes this year?
1. Proptech pushing innovation and driving the future of smart buildings, cities and workplace.
2. Cities competing to become the next big global hub through smart development
3. The importance of landlords and startups to work together to enhance occupier experiences

What was your number one key learning?
The calibre of personnel in MIPIM is very high throughout; even a seemingly ‘random’ conversation can yield a great opportunity; so make the most of networking situations, explore the full conference (including the yachts!) and don’t be afraid to strike up conversations with strangers - everyone is there for the same reason.

What was your overall general experience?
Before attending I was concerned it would be chaotic. Although it was a massive conference, it was incredibly well organised. It was completely eye-opening to see the scale of major projects going on around the globe.

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Sarah Hudson, Marketing & Partnerships Manager - UK

What was your highlight session or event at MIPIM?
“The Ultimate Guide to Startup Collaboration” - I may be a little biased, as this panel included my colleague Laura, but it’s balance of panellists between Proptech firms and landlords offered real value to the audience.  

What do you think were the key themes this year?
1. The growing opportunity for both startups and landlords to collaborate to strengthen their strategy.
2. Decision makers increasing the rate of adoption adapting to remain ahead of the market.

What was your number one key learning?
Needing to fail; needing to try and accepting that occasional failure is inevitable. This, in turn, drives innovation and helps us to move forward.

General Overall Experience
I found MIPIM to be a sensory overload, but a positive one. The sessions were well curated, and I found a real benefit to attending and listening to the panel discussions, while also meeting with some incredible people from around the globe.

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If you’d like to know more about MIPIM and the event from 2018, you can check out their webpage here. To stay connected with the Equiem team and to receive live updates as we attend more global events, make sure you’re following us on LinkedIn.    

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