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Support Equiem's Trailwalkers for Oxfam

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January 11, 2018

Four Equiem team members will be attempting to walk 100km in under 36 hours in the Melbourne Oxfam Trailwalker on 29-30 March and you can show your support with a donation!

All funds raised go to Oxfam Australia to support communities creating sustainable solutions to end poverty. With the funds raised, Oxfam will be able to continue promoting education and ensuring access to clean water, teaching, and teaching skills to grow food in vulnerable communities.

In the words of Joel, one of our hikers, “Why not fundraise to hike 100km in the name of helping communities in need worldwide? Collaboration is what our world needs more of - many hands make light work.”

But walking 100km through bush terrain in under 36 hours is no mean feat. Our brave adventurers have been our hitting the trails every weekend, improving stamina, building muscle and getting accustomed to the conditions they should expect.

Here are just some of a few highlights of their training progress so far:

  • Walking 9km to get past a snake in Toolangi, who was then nicknamed ‘The Exercise Snake’.
  • One member nearly broke their ankle on holidays and another just had surgery.
  • Combined walking 278km in two months of training.
  • Only got lost once.
  • Debating whether or not to sleep or not during the 36 hours.
  • Only 1 Lord of the Rings reference has made about ‘one not simply walking into Mordor’.

Joel Anderson deserves special shout-out as he is flying in from Adelaide to join the team and has been training solo, managing to only get lost that one time. Joel has been hiking in the Adelaide Hills, Mt Crawford Forest and metro Adelaide which offers comparative conditions to the Dandenong Ranges.

Joel has also spent many years with several organisations fighting poverty believing that there's a social and economic imperative for anyone who has full-time employment to contribute some of their time or resources to help vulnerable communities to thrive and grow.

Our Equiem team have been pushing themselves with longer and more challenging hikes as they prepare for the Oxfam 100km hike. It will be by far the most challenging hike they have ever faced, thankfully as a team.

Every dollar counts towards this worthy cause. Please help them reach their fundraising target, by clicking this link. Every dollar helps to end poverty.

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