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Putting customers at the centre with Crisp Salads

There are so many reasons we love Crisp. But what we like most about them is the way they put the customer at the centre of their business – we can relate to that. And when we heard they were keen on getting some vital feedback, we thought we'd use the power of the Portal to help Crisp engage with their customers on a whole new level.

The problem

Ted Tolfree, the owner of Crisp, wanted to update his in-store menu with a fresh and modern feel that included consumers’ thoughts on salads being purchased not only in the summer season, but also during winter.

The opportunity

The opportunity was there to meet the demand and changes of their current customers’ preferences. Crisp, always a popular retailer choice, proactively ran a promotion to reward customers for assisting them in the process by giving away detox packages.

The solution

The 80 Collins Community Manager, Caitlin, partnered with Ted and suggested a focus group within the 80 Collins community. The aim of the focus group was to gauge from the target market the wants and needs for lunch options that would shape the new menu, empower the 80 Collins attendees by highlighting that their opinions are the inspiration for the new menu, and to support a Portal retailer.

The Portal Store acted as an invaluable marketing tool in attracting the potential focus group attendees from the building. The Portal Store successfully pinpointed those Portal members within 80 Collins who regularly ordered Crisp for lunch and/or were interested in a open discussion on how they viewed Crisp.

How we did it

At midday on Wednesday 27 April, a focus group consisting of 11 attendees arrived on Level 51 of 80 Collins.

Caitlin liaised with an 80 Collins tenant, AON, who generously offered the space in their boardroom to host the event, providing the ideal location and setting among a stunning view of Melbourne. The view in itself was a highlight for all, with one attendee taking a photo and posting it on Twitter.

During the session, Ted, introduced himself, presented a video on Crisp winning the Telstra Small Business award in 2014 and explained the key agenda for the session. A short survey was passed along for attendees to complete.

Prior to the focus group, Crisp, offered all attendees a complimentary salad of their choice for lunch and a beverage. Caitlin collated the orders and provided the list to the Store Manager to prepare.

The varied lunch orders in themselves indicated that the Hellenic Chicken salad and the Emma & Tom’s Green Power smoothie rated well among the group. Ted also noted that many attendees were unaware of the healthy $5 breakfast porridge available, which will form a part of Crisp’s marketing strategy.

The collaboration with Caitlin, the 80 Collins Portal, AON and Crisp demonstrated a real sense of community spirit within the building. All 11 attendees were given a small Crisp detox gift at the end of the session.

“It was super awesome, I think Ted got a lot of great ideas there and everyone raved about the benefits of the portal for ease of use for us but effective marketing that other businesses in the area have benefitted from you/the portal too!” 

Gabrielle K, AON.

“Really great, Ted was a lovely guy! The free salad and drink was also delicious. It was a great open forum environment and he really seemed to take on all feedback and be interested in our options :) “

Shannon C, AON

“It went really well, we suggested so many great ideas , the lunch was yummy :)”

Alana T, QIC

“It was great, the food was very fresh and Ted spoke very well. There were a lot of good ideas that people contributed and I really enjoyed the session. Thank you very much! “

Kristy C, AON

“It was a good session, in terms of being able to give feedback, but also informative into their internal discussions and decision making, as well as where they want to take the menu offerings.”

Keith C, CenITex

“What a great session, and such a generous gift at the end. I could talk about salad all day (what a weirdo)!”

Darian C, Urbis (Guest)

“Hi Caitlin, the session was great, thanks for the opportunity to contribute as it is somewhere I frequent. It was good to hear about the company and provide input as customers. Ted was a lovely guy and I hope we helped Crisp in much future success. Also the very generous gift was appreciated and well timed for me personally. Thanks again, Vanessa :)”

Vanessa A, AHPRA

“Before the session Crisp was just one of many lunch options available to me. I find that I’m looking at it with new eyes now that I know my suggestions and preferences are being given serious consideration. Will definitely be getting more Crisp moving forward not because their salads are better than others (there are some out there equally good) but more because I feel they are listening and paying more attention than most. Curious how they will use the information they have gathered if nothing else and I feel like I have a vested interest now.”

Yin C, QIC

"I lurved it, I enjoy the ability to help shape the outcome to meet my needs. Great to know what new items they are thinking of, and for Ted to meet his customers and know the alternate businesses we are going to and for what and if these were items that he could be facilitating. Thanks, it was an awesome opportunity and the view from L51 is pretty special J"

Joi G, Australia Post

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