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Introducing Equiem for iPhone and Android

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January 11, 2018

Real estate’s #1 customer experience platform just got better. It’s the Equiem experience you love, now enhanced for mobile. Introducing Equiem for iOS and Android.

Streamline your communication with a powerful content engine, create great experiences with an end-to-end events manager and delight your tenants with an online marketplace.

It’s your building community - in your pocket, in the boardroom, at the gym, on the bus - anywhere!

Available now on iOS and Android

iPhone: Click here

Android: Click here


Equiem has always been committed to improving user experience and elevating the reach of our products. As mobile browsing rates have increased across our platform,  so has the need to develop a native experience for both Apple iOS and Android.

Providing users with a flexible and integrated experience, the new native app has become the go-to version of our feature-rich platform. Designed to help even more people access the right features at the perfect time, it puts convenience and accessibility first.  

Launched in Australia, the app is now available to everyone part of a premium Equiem community across the US, UK and the rest of the world.

You can download the free Equiem app now for iPhone or Android.

Feature Highlights


Your tenants can now browse all of their favourite news articles in a smoother, better formatted experience. Check out the inbuilt “like” feature to measure interaction with popular posts or read the comments left by your community. The news feed is also the ideal place to share information on new deals and offers, or to run one of our popular competitions.

Events manager

With an inbuilt events manager, your tenants can RSVP to more events and add reminders directly to their phone’s calendar. Boost attendance at the activities and networking opportunities organised by your community manager, or promote facilities around the building with targeted activations. The events manager provides an end-to-end experience for your entire building, maximising the return on your engagement calendar.

Quick-picks store

Make ordering from your portal store even simpler with “quick-pick”. Retaining each of your customers' top 10 orders, this feature automatically remembers everything down to “a skim, cappuccino with two sugars”.   Tenants can order their favourite coffee or food items with a streamlined two-click checkout, making ordering on the move easier than ever.

Continue to enjoy Equiem's enterprise-grade security systems and all the benefits of Cortex Analytics while using mobile. It's everything you need, packaged into a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Key Benefits

  • For Equiem's clients: Improve the entire experience for portal users on their mobile devices to boost overall activity and usage frequency. Allow more touch points with the building's management and collect more data on the interests of the occupants.
  • For end users: Enjoy a refined user experience, designed from the ground up. With quicker access to the content you already love, it's the perfect way to access your community faster than ever before.  
  • For partners and retailers: Streamline the shopping experience and help customers to finalise their purchases faster. Retain coffee preferences and allow for a smoother, more automated checkout process.

The new Equiem app is available now on iPhone and Android.

Everything Equiem, coming to a phone near you.

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned as we release a full mobile shopping experience, local amenity booking tool, personalised location services and much more.

If you have any questions about the next Equiem app or you'd like to see it in action, then please fill out the form below.

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