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International Women's Day at Dexus Place Sydney

On Thursday March 23, tenants from more than 17 Dexus buildings made their way to Dexus Place, One Margaret Street, Sydney, to celebrate International Women’s Day. Organised by Equiem’s Dexus Sydney team, the event featured two thought-provoking, high-energy presentations by Katherine Mair and Katie Lavidge, on the theme of mindfulness and work life balance.

Guests, encompassing a mix of both men and women, were welcomed by Community Managers Vincci of the 83 Clarence Cluster and Casey of the 30 Bond cluster, before being offered refreshing beverages.

Wendy Searle, host of the evening, then invited guests to make their way into the theatrette, where inside, they found specially curated gift bags on each seat, filled with vouchers from the likes of The Body Shop and Pressed Juice, as well as pens, stress balls and Paw Paw ointment.

Formal proceedings were then kicked off, appropriately enough, with a brief meditation session, followed by the headliners. Katherine Mair, whose talk Be Bold Be Fearless. Be Connected was inspired by the IWD theme of  #BeBoldForChange whilst Katie Lavidge spoke on Modern Mindfulness: making it a part of your everyday.

Wendy finished the seminar part of the evening by facilitating question time, of which tenants had plenty, clearly illustrating their immense interest in the content and what the two speakers had to say. Following this, one happy tenant was surprised with the door prize of a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

Upon exiting the theatrette, attendees were once again offered drinks while Community Managers Deidre of the North Sydney cluster and Karan of the 60 Castlereagh cluster, handed out decadent canapes. Tenants enjoyed sliders, rice paper rolls, sautéed kale & pumpkin frittatas, beetroot, ash goat’s cheese and truffle honey tarts and more.

It’s fair to say guests came away from this IWD event armed with a better understanding of the simple and effective tool that is mindfulness. Arguably, it is an essential skill-set for all professionals. Both speakersdemystified the concept and presented it as a readily accessible practice, or resource, for achieving a happier, calmer, more productive and fulfilling existence.

The event was a great opportunity for the Dexus and Equiem Sydney teams to bond beyond their individual buildings and responsibilities and we offer a heartfelt thanks to Dexus for their contribution and support in making the event an outstanding success.

Members of the Equeim team who contributed include:

Elise Duchatel, Platform Performance Manager, Dexus Sydney

Casey Butt, Community Manager, 30 the Bond, 36 Hickson, 175 Pitt and 56 Pitt

Vincci Lam, Community Manager, 83 Clarence and One Margaret

Karan Gopalani, Community Manager, 60 Castlereagh and 45 Clarence

Diedre Stein, Community Manager, 141 Walker, 201 Miller and 60 Miller

Matthew Pittorino, Community Manager, Gateway

Cordelia Asaad, Community Manager, 44 Market, 383 Kent

Kyle James, Community Manager, 309-321 Kent

Natalia Campos-Gomez, Community Manager, 130 George

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