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4 reasons why community portals are the ultimate marketing tool for landlords

Equiem Marketing
January 11, 2018

Over the last twenty years, technology has progressed to touch almost every aspect of our lives. With the digital age of marketing now well established in almost every industry, the world of commercial property continued to lag behind. Property managers and landlords around the world rely on infrequent meetings, unread emails, crowded lift screens and lost mail to communicate with their tenants, while the outdated ‘representative’ model created a system reliant whispers rather than proven touchpoints.

With more events, amenities and lifestyle features being added to the traditional office environment, it has become imperative that landlords introduce a consistent and equally efficient platform for communication.

Community Portals enhance communication

Built as a central point for communication and resources, the community portal helps align the entire precinct. Over the last five years, platforms just like the Equiem Portal have transformed tenant interactions and created unprecedented marketing opportunities for landlords. Driven by data, and enhanced with accurate targeting, community portal campaigns continue to become ever more efficient.    

These new cloud-based platforms are bringing collaboration and connection back into building communities. Replacing the compartmentalised office buildings of old, tenants can now connect with other businesses in the building and make use of the platform’s captive audience.

For example, at one major building in the Sydney CBD, 80% of the community are engaged on the platform’s social media-like interface. And at Eastland, a shopping centre also serviced by Equiem, 70% of retailers are members of the portal.  

“Landlords know for the first time exactly who’s in their building, what they need and how they need it. By leveraging this huge captive audience, we can tailor the perfect experience and help create the ultimate workplace,” said David Chiapoco, Equiem’s Head of Marketing.   

Innovative proptech platforms are further supported by the physical spaces, activations, events - in other words, offline touchpoints to supplement the online messaging.

To illustrate further, we’ve put together four ways a community portal like Equiem’s platform can be used by landlords and managers to better communicate with their tenants.

1. Cultivate B2B interactions

With single-tenant properties fast disappearing from our global cities, landlords are increasingly turning toward, smaller more flexible floor plans to maintain occupancy. Community portals allow property managers to cultivate the ideal ecosystem for these verticle villages (some assets now holding upward of 70 different organisation) to thrive.

By facilitating co-dependency, organisations become more reliant on the services and network that surrounds them, encouraging lease renewals and improved long-term yield.   

2. Inform and engage their entire building

An activity feed on the portal allows building management and members to share news and developments with up to 90% of the entire building audience – no algorithms included.

Equiem’s platform has allowed landlords to update their community on critical maintenance, drive charity involvement, provide invaluable feedback and promote health and wellness.

One of the greatest examples was when the community at Rialto, raised over $17,000 in under a month to fund a new wheelchair for Craig.


3. Data-driven learnings

More data is being collected today than ever before. Community portals are continually being fed information from their users, allowing landlords to accurately interpret and predict the needs of their property. Comments, likes, polls and data collection surveys all help to improve the overall experience, improving the efficiency of campaigns and delivering more direct messaging.

In fact, we call the content that was developed for individual Equiem buildings "HyperLocal" content, which means that it caters directly to the interests and lives of the specific people in the building and location. Instead of just feeding strangers a steady stream of generic content, the platform is tailored to their interests - creating the most effective medium of promotion for businesses using the channel.

4. Get involved with activations and events

With more buildings investing in premium amenities, such as change rooms, full-service dry cleaning and bike storage facilities it’s critical that these resources achieve a strong uptake. Lack of awareness is the biggest threat to return on investment, but by campaigning these benefits on the precinct’s community portal we can help to ensure maximum usage.

For example, during October and surrounding our annual Ride2Work campaign our assets see a huge increase in bike storage, shower and change room usage.

Building events are also boosted with built-in RSVP functionality and multiple channels for promotion, leading to a higher attendance rate and more repeat attendance. Over time, the community portal becomes the number one trusted source for local events and content.  

Community portals are powering the workspaces of tomorrow.

By improving tenant interaction and engagement, data and promotion, these powerful digital platforms have allowed Equiem’s partners to achieve industry-leading results across the portfolio. The intrinsic value added to a premium property through soft services and their promotion continues to be the differentiating factor in today’s competitive commercial real estate industry.

After all, business strategist Tim Williams once said that “clients don’t care about the labour pains; they want to see the baby.” With a tenant portal, you’re taking a whole lot of the mundane administrative pains of traditional digital marketing off your tenants’ plates, and simply giving them the benefits and the positive outcomes of a captive audience and streamlined platform - with minimal work on their part.

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