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On Thursday 5th May, Eastland completed the second stage of its $655 million redevelopment - unveiling a new two-level galleria that adds 80 brands and the “The Arcade,” a boutique space for up-and-coming designers. A cultural playground of interactive art installations including a new series by David Bromley and children’s play areas were spread throughout the centre and delighted visitors.

Equiem is proud to be working with owners and managers, QIC, to bring their incredible vision of Eastland to life. The centre’s Guest Services Team, powered by our staffing solution, Equiem Onsite, were ever-present throughout the launch, greeting guests, providing directions, handing out flyers and assisting those with special needs. Consisting of a hand-selected team of 30+ experienced concierge and hospitality staff, the Guest Services Team's mission is to ensure all visitors have a great experience at Eastland from the moment they arrive.

In addition to staff, the Eastland Community Portal is powered by our technology solution, the Equiem Portal. Exclusive to retail staff, the Eastland Community Portal provides access to updates from centre management, exclusive staff-only deals, the latest events, registration for services (such as parking) and submission of maintenance requests. Truly unique to Eastland however, “the Portal” also allows retail staff to order coffee, breakfast, lunch, gifts, services and more from local Eastland retailers and get their purchases delivered directly to their stores. In addition to supercharging Eastland's retailers, the service also provides staff with a way to save time in the relentlessly fast-paced nature of retail where long breaks are a rarity.

Enjoy photos of Eastland’s second unveiling and our Guest Services Team at work below:

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