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Foster a vibrant tenant community with Find & Explore


You may have read an article on how the Equiem Portal can find you love. The article tells of how two of our users serendipitously met while picking up their coffee orders. We love this story - as it illustrates just one of the many ways the Portal can help create genuine relationships between building occupants. In this post, we'd like to share with you a module that makes it even easier for our clients to foster these kinds of connections.

Introducing Find & Explore, our directory module on the Equiem Portal. Find and Explore is not your ordinary directory system - it is a “Facebook for your building” - a beautiful online network of all individuals in a building or space, with search functionality and customisable user profiles. Designed to be adaptable to our client’s needs, Find & Explore is not only useful for commercial towers, but also residential apartments, co-working spaces and shopping centres.

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Why your building needs Find and Explore

Find and Explore is part of a broader strategy to create genuine communities within a building or space. As evident in co-working offices, a strong community is one of the key ingredients to making a space successful. It does this by offering its members benefits - it’s much harder to move out of a space if it means losing valuable connections you’ve built, access to exclusive events or a culture you’ve grown to love.

In order to build a community however, you first need to have a platform where people can meet and start to build genuine relationships. Relationships are fundamental to community creation and as seen commercial towers, critical to keeping top talent. Find and Explore was designed to be this platform. Acting as a private social network for your building or space, it helps connect people that otherwise would likely never meet (or for that matter, even know each other existed!)

In short, Find and Explore provides the platform to foster a genuine, thriving community, which itself is an important factor in keeping tenants, members, or residents ‘sticky’.

What's coming next

Today, Find & Explore is used actively throughout our portfolio of Portals. Our plans for the module doesn’t stop here however. We will soon be including companies, retailers and services in future updates. Soon, the module will provide our clients with an even more complete view of their community. Stay tuned!

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