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Equiem joins forces with the RSPCA to find new homes for sheltered animals


What do you get when you mix puppies, gelato, and free cuddles? New homes for adorable pups. In one of our most enjoyable – and successful – community undertakings, we recently teamed up with RSPCA Australia to assist with its campaign, “Clear the Shelters”, aimed at finding new homes for sheltered animals. 

With many shelters over capacity across the nation, we invited the RSPCA to bring adoptable puppies to several of our buildings. As if the promise of “free cuddles” weren’t enough, tenants were also enticed with free gelato at several of the events. The results? We’re thrilled to announce that every puppy brought our buildings has now been adopted, and we’ve raised $3,500 for animal welfare thus far.

So far over the larger campaign has been very successful, with 750 animals finding new homes. We are humbled by our small contribution to this worthy cause and are excited to find out that the RSPCA plan to visit 4 more Equiem buildings in the coming weeks. 

Enjoy photos from one of the events below:

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