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Automate, modernise, monetise your End of Trip facilities with the Equiem Portal


Stop managing state-of-the-art facilities with spreadsheets. Introducing our End of Trip module for the Equiem Portal - automate management, promote to occupants and see a return on your investment.

With our EOT module, you can automate the management of your facilities and services such as lockers, showers, bike racks and dry cleaning. Delight occupants with a streamlined digital experience to request access and pay for your building's services. And since everything is on the Equiem Portal, you can take advantage of a suite of communication tools - news posts, directories, newsletters, notifications and more - to promote your building's facilities to occupants and maximise your return on investment.

Take an in-depth tour of Equiem's End of Trip module:

Find out more about the Equiem Portal here.

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