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Dexus and Equiem Campaign for Foodbank


Pooling together and raising donations for Foodbank Australia, one of our Brisbane Community Manager's achieved an outstanding result at two of our premier sites. 

Raising over 1.25 tonnes of food donations, we're thrilled to be able to make a real difference to the lives of those less fortunate these holidays. 

With thousands of people living on the streets and in temporary housing, it's great to see that our communities were so committed to making a difference. 

CEO Micheal Rose joined us to congratulate the community. 

Cheese platters and food were supplied by local business' to congratulate the efforts of the entire community. 

Foodbank is by far Australia's largest hunger relief organisation. Acting as a pantry for charities and organisations that feed the hungry, it's goal is to distribute and supply resources where they are needed most. 

To find out more about Foodband, you can click this link

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