Equiem launches Leasing Analytics Dashboards to power next-gen tenant retention

Retention is front of mind for commercial landlords and leasing teams, but many are at a loss to understand what tenants truly want in a post-COVID world. Free to existing clients, Equiem's Leasing Dashboards help you profile your tenants, understand their past behaviours, anticipate their future needs, and formulate tailored engagement strategies aimed at long-term retention.

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Key benefits

Identify at-risk tenants for re-engagement campaigns and direct resources accordingly
Make informed decisions on building improvements and broader engagement strategies
Pinpoint the content, products, services, and events tenants are consuming to better personalise your engagement offering
Access analytics across your entire portfolio, allowing benchmarking of single or multiple sites

Key features

Understand how tenants are interacting on your platform, and with other Equiem products
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Track tenant renewals and upcoming expiries at a glance
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Cross-reference with poll results to understand tenant sentiment
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''Having the people walking into our buildings feel safe is key for us.

The Equiem platform helps tremendously as it provides a channel for communication and transparency. We’re able to circulate key information to all tenants - such as re-entry guidelines and security updates; send notifications; display air quality and density information directly on their phones. All of this contributes to creating a feeling of safety and security.

Chris Rising

Christopher Rising
Co-founder and CEO

Important in finding ways to connect people

''The Equiem platform has become even more important in finding ways to connect people without physical contact. These types of events are likely to develop fast as people will need more stimulus as parks and buildings become extremely quiet.''

Michael Purcell

Michael Purcell
Director at JLL
Property Management

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