Discover how Equiem regenerated a 25-year-old tower and built a flourishing community

In 2012, Equiem launched the @Rialto Portal at Rialto, an iconic 60,000 sqm twin tower in the Melbourne CBD.

The app was a huge success and achieved the following key results"

  1. 45% of all users returning and using app regularly
  2. +$18,000 pcm increase in retail avenue
  3. +30% increase in locker and amenity bookings
  4. 3,8900 users on 89% of the entire population registered on the app

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"Since we implemented Equiem 6 years ago, we have continued to see new leases being filled faster and overall revenue increasing at Rialto."

Lorenz Grollo

“We now have over 90% of Rialto's occupants connected to the Equiem Portal. By communicating with each individual we've seen events attendance, retail revenue and online engagement improve dramatically.”

Tania Kelly
Head of Customer Service Rialto


"Making the most of social media and optimising client service delivery is an important challenge for all owners and managers involved in the commercial property sector. We have found the team at Equiem to be a dynamic group of professionals, who “think outside of the box” when it comes to packaging up the options and opportunities for us at Rialto."

Stephen Jensens
General Mangager, Rialto

“The Portal has been a tremendous way to increase our brand awareness in some of the biggest corporate buildings in Melbourne. We attract repeat sales online and in store, and the Equiem management of the system is exceptional.”

James McLoughlin
Founder, Green Press

The Equiem Portal at 385 Bourke has connected our office tower to our retail tenants and created an engaged online community. The retail tenants are particularly reaping the rewards from the marketing the portal provides for their stores. Equiem is a progressive company to work with and all the updates that have been made to the portal this year makes it more inviting for commercial tenants to use regularly.

Fiona Murray
Marketing Manager, 385 Bourke

"I always have a really good experience ordering food on here. It's always on time and it's so convenient when I have a lot of work to do (which is every day!) Thank you so much for your service."

Maria T
Tenant, 80 Collins

“My favourite thing about the Portal is the care and interest from the concierge team who pull everything together. Providing the tenants with fun functions, life saving help with coffee, lunch and dry cleaning, hot tips on current events and more, the concierge team take care to get to know their clientele - and it shows! Thanks guys :)”

Tenant, 120 Collins

“One word: brilliant! I have worked in countless offices around the world over the last 15 years and this is hands-down the best service I've ever had offered. In particular, the convenience of delivery straight to my office is priceless! And, always delivered promptly with a smile. Thanks for the service, it couldn't be better.”

Tenant, Rialto

What's inside:

  1. Discover the story of Rialto and how Equiem helped regenerate a 25 year old building into a flourishing community
  1. How the Equiem platform provides a suite of convenient and useful services to tenants while also boosting local commerce
  2. How the Equiem platform provided access to curated news, events, activations that encouraged community creation
  3. How the Portal boosted knowledge and usage of building facilities and amenities such as lockers and showers

Download the case study to find out how we achieved these results

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