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Your Equiem Core solution enables you to add your own logos, images, and colours to your platforms – at the building or portfolio level. It’s the crucial first step in making your digital community a welcoming place for your tenants.

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Customise Your Web App

Showcase your brand on the web app

Your web app offers a host of points for brand customisation. Add logos, images, colours, team members, and content to make your community a living, inviting place.

Customise your platform by building or at the portfolio level
Apply your brand colour scheme across the entire sitemap, and even create custom banners for your newsletters
Custom URL to showcase your building or portfolio identity
Choose your messaging – from sign-up and registration to building information pages, and even FAQs
Align news and event content and images with your brand freely using IRIS, our Content Management System
Add custom widgets to your homepage - Flickr, Twitter, and more
Customise your iOS and Android Apps

Branding designed for the mobile app experience

Our web and mobile app interfaces are complementary and your chosen branding can be easily applied to both platforms. But if you choose, you can tailor a version of your branding specifically for the app to enhance the user experience.

Set a custom home tab header image
Set your imagery by building or at the portfolio level
Design your own Building Information tab, including a custom name, image, and content
Apply your brand colours to the app interface
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Fully Custom

Create your own white-labelled app

Want your very own app, from the App Store page to the app icon, and more? With the Equiem Plus white-labelled app module, we’ll build you your own app experience using our market-leading native app. Enhance your user experience and maximise brand equity.

iOS and Android app store pages
Custom white-labelled app name
User home screen icon
Custom splash page

Our Custom Branding tools are just one part of the Equiem Core product suite.

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From there, broaden your data and learning potential by layering on Plus modules:

Smart by Equiem: Measure building occupancy to learn when your tenants are in the building, when they’re coming and going, and more

Marketplace: Learn what your tenants are purchasing, what products they favour, and work with onsite retailers to tailor special offers and promotions

Spaces booking: Find out which spaces are most popular with tenants, and how existing common areas or underutilised spaces can be repurposed and commercialised

Delight tenants, unlock new revenue, and future-proof your assets with Equiem.

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