The next evolution of Equiem technology is here - Introducing Equiem NEXT

September 11, 2019
We are proud to launch the latest iteration of our market-leading tenant experience platform. It’s called Equiem NEXT, and its arrival will bring the second key evolution in PropTech since 2011 – when it all began.

NEXT is the culmination of a two-year rebuild of our previous technology stack. This rebuild overhauled legacy systems to create a new open platform and architecture that facilitate Equiem’s future product roadmap.

Adding to the unrivalled depth and sophistication of our previous tech, NEXT delivers a range of updated features and services that enable landlords to deliver everything their tenants need in one seamless platform.

What does that look like?

Updated iOS and Android apps 

Expect enhanced design and user experience, enabling full use of native phone functionality. End users will be more engaged than ever, and landlords have the option to white label their app according to a specific site or portfolio branding.

Next-generation e-commerce platform

NEXT includes an updated full-feature e-commerce experience with integrated vendor management. This enables landlords to deliver a wide range of frictionless services and amenities to tenants by supercharging retail vendors. Now landlords can unlock more revenue across their assets, more efficiently.

Learn more here.

Events and engagement 

A complete suite of features enables landlords to plan, promote and execute events and engagement initiatives across their portfolios, and track their results. This includes check-in management and RSVP/attendance tracking, built for concierge and security teams.

Space bookings 

An on-demand, flexible space booking platform is now available to monetise building amenities, boardrooms and vacant desks, thereby unlocking greater revenue for building owners.

Tenant analytics dashboards

New, comprehensive, easy-to-use tenant analytics will provide landlords with rich, actionable intelligence to help them better understand the needs of their tenants and deliver more effective tenant engagement.

CEO Gabrielle McMillan says Equiem NEXT is the crucial next step in ensuring we continue to lead the market in technological innovation for years to come.

‘As the real estate industry matures in terms of its adoption of technology, we want to keep raising the bar in the tenant experience technology space… Over the last eight years, we have consistently invested in our product to ensure we offer the industry’s most advanced tenant experience platform.
‘We’re committed to ensuring that we provide the next generation in tenant experience technology and remain the go-to provider in the global real estate market.’

What’s NEXT for Equiem?

Building on the launch of NEXT, our future product roadmap is centred around predictive data, personalised experiences, cardless building access, and a sophisticated integrations and partnerships network. 

We’ve also completed our largest tenant experience capital raise to date, which coincides with the launch of Equiem NEXT. You can read more here.

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