A Year in Review

It continues to be a hugely exciting time to be involved in the tech-led transformation of the global real estate market.

At an industry level, demand and adoption are growing fast. Over $12.5 billion USD of venture capital was invested in the CRE Tech space in 2018 alone, whilst 97% of real estate companies now recognise that technology will have a major impact on their business.

Echoing that growth, we continued to see huge demand for our own technology during 2018. As lease terms continue to shorten globally, discerning owners now understand that retaining tenants by providing quality customer experience ultimately results in asset value uplift and increased NOI. Quite simply, engaging with occupiers to create appealing and satisfying workplaces has never been more important.

Building on the momentum of our US and UK launches in 2017, we rolled-out to a number of new cities including Philadelphia, Houston and Manchester, whilst we further expanded our global footprint by launching our first site in Ireland in October. In total, more than 135,000 people from 8,900 companies now use our platform around the world, across 135 buildings, comprising over 57 million sq ft of real estate.

The evolution of our market-leading platform has continued as well, with major updates to our native apps and core APIs, bookings and Amplify products, along with the growth of our partnership network and enterprise customers. Already, our next major updates are just around the corner, with significant upgrades to access control, visitor management, work requests, analytics, and monetisation coming soon.

Undoubtedly our success continues to be driven by the passion, expertise and commitment of the Equiem team and I want to thank each and every one. It delights me that our employee satisfaction scores are so high and that our first three employees are all still with us. Our excellent overall staff retention means that our clients truly benefit from working with the most experienced tenant engagement team in the world.

Lastly, I want to thank our partners and customers. As we continue with our mission to change real estate for the better one square foot at a time, we consider ourselves hugely fortunate to work with so many exceptional and supportive brands and businesses. We look forward to continuing to work with you over the course of 2019.

Gabrielle McMillan

An enhanced, mobile-first user experience

Features & Benefits

  • Browse important news articles

  • RSVP to all of your favourite events

  • Quick-buy your most frequent Portal Store orders


"Making the most of social media and optimising client service delivery is an important challenge for all owners and managers involved in the commercial property sector. We have found the team at Equiem to be a dynamic group of professionals, who “think outside of the box” when it comes to packaging up the options and opportunities for us at Rialto."

Stephen Jensens
General Mangager, Rialto

“The Portal has been a tremendous way to increase our brand awareness in some of the biggest corporate buildings in Melbourne. We attract repeat sales online and in store, and the Equiem management of the system is exceptional.”

James McLoughlin
Founder, Green Press

The Equiem Portal at 385 Bourke has connected our office tower to our retail tenants and created an engaged online community. The retail tenants are particularly reaping the rewards from the marketing the portal provides for their stores. Equiem is a progressive company to work with and all the updates that have been made to the portal this year makes it more inviting for commercial tenants to use regularly.

Fiona Murray
Marketing Manager, 385 Bourke

"I always have a really good experience ordering food on here. It's always on time and it's so convenient when I have a lot of work to do (which is every day!) Thank you so much for your service."

Maria T
Tenant, 80 Collins

“My favourite thing about the Portal is the care and interest from the concierge team who pull everything together. Providing the tenants with fun functions, life saving help with coffee, lunch and dry cleaning, hot tips on current events and more, the concierge team take care to get to know their clientele - and it shows! Thanks guys :)”

Tenant, 120 Collins

“One word: brilliant! I have worked in countless offices around the world over the last 15 years and this is hands-down the best service I've ever had offered. In particular, the convenience of delivery straight to my office is priceless! And, always delivered promptly with a smile. Thanks for the service, it couldn't be better.”

Tenant, Rialto

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